NILA’s Signature Collection has been designed to become an accessory staple. Choose from the multitude of styles in our five signature colors to add a touch of chic to your everyday wardrobe.

Tiffany Bag


Nila Doctor-Style Satchel, With Zipper


Nila Color Block Bag


Nila Signature Backpack


Nila Square Crossbody Bag


Nila Tall Shoulder Bag

$285.00 $199.50

Nila Classic Tote With Open Top

$285.00 $199.50

The 50s Mod Bag With Built In Handle

From $240.00

Nila Basket Bag


Nila Belt for Women


Nila Belt for Men


Nila Classic Leather Briefcase


French Vintage Crossbody Bag


The Mini Bag


Nila Crossbody Bag


Nila Clutch with Buckle


Nila Carry-On Luggage Bag


Nila Passport Holder


Mini Suitcase Bag


Nila Duo Tone Mini Basket Bag


Nila Classic Sculpted Bag


Nila Bags Gift Card

From $75.00


Our Hunter Collection is designed for people who appreciate timeless style and sophistication. Bags in this collection are made with buffalo leather, which is inherently tough and surprisingly lightweight. This naturally marked leather, with all its imperfections, makes these bags one-of-a-kind and exclusive. This leather is widely recognized as the best and highest quality that money can buy.

Derby Tote


Derby Multi-purpose Carryon


Derby Duffle


Hunter Multi-Pocket Briefcase


Distressed Conductor Bag


Distressed Tote


Nila Weathered Duffle


Slim Laptop Bag


Aviator Duffle


Hunter Wash Bag


Hunter Leather Briefcase

$350.00 $245.00

Wide Mouth Hunter Duffle

$495.00 $346.50

Luggage ID Tag


Nila Bags Gift Card

From $75.00


Our Vintage Collection is designed to bring back the style and grace of the aristocratic safari look. This slouchy leather will develop a rich patina as it ages, developing bumps and scratches that will change the color tones in the leather and create a rich, multi-hued sheen. These bags will look more and more unique and beautiful with every use.

Nila Vintage Weekender


Nila Shopper Style Bag


Nila Vintage Backpack


Nila Vintage Messenger Bag

From $175.00

Nila Bags Gift Card

From $75.00

Elite Collection

Elite Derby Duffle


Elite Shopper Bag


Elite Washbag


Elite Hat Bag

From $1,650.00

Nila Bags Gift Card

From $75.00


Create your own custom color palette with these mix-and-match bags. Start by choosing your favorite bag, then pair it with the handle that you like. Create fun combinations that suit your mood.

Nila Chunky Metal Chain

From $25.00

Nila Metal Crossbody Chain Strap


Nila Crossbody Leather Strap


Nila Shoulder Strap


Old Gold Shoulder Strap


Nila Bags Gift Card

From $75.00


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