Ethical sourcing

At Nila Bags, we believe in collaborative partnerships and systems that foster transparency and accountability. Working with cooperatives and partners who share the same values and perspectives enables better results for our business, for our communities, and for the environment. To that end, we buy directly from cooperatives in India that are involved in community development programs, poverty alleviation, and integrated rural development.

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Natural resources matter to us. That is why our company’s fundamental philosophy is to work primarily with biodegradable materials. Our bags are 100% natural Hyde and 100% decomposable. Furthermore, our bags are built to last. The leather develops a rich patina as it ages, looking more and more beautiful as you use it. This means it is a lifetime bag and produces less fashion waste in the landfill. We believe in “slow fashion”—hitting the brakes on excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and mindless consumption waste. It’s our small contribution to helping the world look and feel better, while staying stylish and relevant.

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Empowering women

Nila Bags started with the aim of developing a supply chain that respects and promotes women’s rights. We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our craftswomen reflect this very promise. They work independently in India in what are called Cottage Industry Cooperatives. These cooperatives help them work on their own terms and to break free of conformist work environments that benefit from old-school, unethical work practices.

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Preserving traditional techniques

Each Nila Bag is handmade artistically, meticulously, and beautifully, using a centuries-old leather tanning tradition mastered over time and crafted to perfection. These time-tested techniques and skills are handed down from generation to generation–which is why you won’t find another bag like yours on the market unless it has come from our studio.* 

*Signature Bag Collection.

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Supporting the Equine community

Horses are a symbol of boundless physical strength and unrestrained freedom; they are perhaps the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet. And we are big fans of them! Which is why we support a nonprofit called the Foxie G Foundation. This foundation helps retired racehorses and Thoroughbreds get back on their feet and help them live comfortable lives after injuries or their time on the racetrack. So remember, next time you buy a Nila bag, a portion of the profits go toward this organization and its cause. Now you can feel good inside and out.